Research and Practice of Container System
发布时间:2021-12-27        浏览次数:139

报告题目:Research and Practice of Container System

报告人:吴松  教授华中科技大学 

主持人:徐飞  副教授

报告时间:20211229日星期三 下午15:00-16:30



Container technology has been widely used in various real-world situations, like cloud platforms, CI/CD, and DevOps. By enabling a layered image system and OS-level virtualization, container technology can provide agile deployment and isolate execution environment for applications. However, existing container systems fail to support containers efficiently, flexibly, and securely. On the one hand, coarse-grained image management makes the deployment and update of applications time-consuming when the corresponding images need to be delivered in network. On the other hand, shared OS kernel may arise resource contention and flexibility and security issues. This talk shows our research and practice of container systems. Specifically, I will introduce approaches of image management for fast container deployment and OS Kernel isolation for secure and high-performance container execution environment.



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